Andrew Simons

Andrew is a Sales Support Specialist who handles the process of placing orders for sales consultants while assisting with scheduling and other customer service needs. With over two years of experience, Andrew has embraced the business model of 360 Home Connect and developed multiple relationships with various business partners. Andrew believes that being detail oriented and diligent with each client is the key to being successful in a fast-paced work environment. Andrew holds a BA in Business Management from Delta State Unversity.

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Let's Save You Minutes, Money, and MASSIVE Headaches!

We're a complimentary(free of charge), time-saving service for people moving to setup all their utilities and home services. While you concentrate on the more important parts of your move; my team will research, schedule activation dates, and send out a detailed itinerary to you for your:

-Municipal Utilities
- and more...

Please take the time to fill out your information, and click 'Submit'. Once completed, my team will contact you by the end of the next business day(excluding holidays).

(877) 360-RPLC