Adam Ahmed

I have been with 360 Home Connect for the last few years and have extensive knowledge in multiple markets and the offerings available. I pride myself on delivering a positive customer experience and enjoys being able to save my clients minutes, money, and massive headaches. When I'm not making my client's life easier, I can be found at the local comic con, or at the movies catching the latest Marvel or DC movies. Batman is most definitely my hero.

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Let's Save You Minutes, Money, and MASSIVE Headaches!

We're a complimentary(free of charge), time-saving service for people moving to setup all their utilities and home services. While you concentrate on the more important parts of your move; I'll research, schedule activation dates, and send out a detailed itinerary to you for your:

-Municipal Utilities
- and more...

Please take the time to fill out your information, and click 'Submit'. Once completed, I'll contact you by the end of the next business day(excluding holidays).

(877) 360-RPLC